Ten Trendy Kitchen Renovation Tips!

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Another service at Bel-O Man aside from heating, cooling, plumbing, and pest control is kitchen and bath renovations.  Whether you’re looking to enter the market to sell your home quicker or simply wanting to update your space in order to appeal to more guests, it’s important to keep these two rooms up to date.  The kitchen is a room which usually sees a lot of traffic, so it’s important to stay current on renovations.  For ideas on how to keep up with kitchen trends we’ve provided you with a list of 10 ideas for your next renovation project:

  1. Updated Cabinetry: the first thing many think of when kitchen renovations come to mind is to update the cabinets.  There are several options to make this update such as painting, staining, or completely starting from scratch.  A popular color to paint kitchen cabinets in 2015 is not only white, but also, differing shades of white.  Darker stained wood cabinets are also making a comeback.
  2. Lower Drawers: trending in 2015 are lower oversized drawers which people have found are a lot easier to stack larger pots and pans.  The location of a lower drawer can make organizing these large items stress-free and will eliminate visible clutter of stacked pots and pans.
  3. Changing Hardware: one often simple and overlooked way to update your kitchen is to change the hardware.  A recent trend regarding hardware is leaning less towards stainless steel and more towards an oil rubbed or bronze look. A quick change of your kitchen’s hardware will make a big difference!
  4. Catchy Countertops: another item that quickly comes to mind when thinking of kitchen renovations is the countertops.  Like cabinetry, there are also many options to make this update. Currently trending countertops are marble, granite and stained.  Also, newly trending are countertops which are embedded with metal or glass bits for texture.
  5. Modernizing Lighting: a fun renovation for your kitchen is modernizing lighting.  Lighting fixtures can often be the first item noticed when first walking into a kitchen, so it’s important to keep them modern.  Large colorful fixtures as well as accent lighting are both currently trending and exciting ways to bring life to your kitchen!
  6. Wallpaper: while many may think wallpaper is a thing of the past, the truth is that wallpaper is actually making a comeback! Wallpaper in your kitchen adds texture, color, and gives your kitchen a different look from the rest.  Wallpaper choices always vary in color and texture, so there are many options available!
  7. Update flooring:  another renovation that will update your kitchen immediately is changing the flooring. The top two trends in kitchen flooring are hardwood and tile.  The hardwood trend currently being seen is dark stain with wider planks.  When it comes to tile, the latest trend is a large dramatic tile look.
  8. Eco-Friendly:  a huge trend in 2015 and the recent years is updating kitchens to be eco-friendly.  Examples of this update include energy efficient windows, recycled butcher blocks, and energy saving appliances. Creating an eco-friendly kitchen will definitely be sure to modernize your space and set you apart from the rest!
  9. Backsplashes: another way to add texture and color to your kitchen is through the use of backsplashes.  Backsplash can add a polished contemporary feel to your space.  A common backsplash trend is colored tiles as well as large copper foil squares—both are sure to make your kitchen pop!
  10. Sinks: in 2015 sink updates have definitely been trending.  Some are now viewing vanity/counter installed sinks as “less trendy”. For a more trendy sink, large single bowls are being installed to accommodate larger pots and pans.  The look of a larger bowl sink rather than counter inserts is sure to modernize your space.

If any of these kitchen renovation trends are making you excited to begin your next project, give us a call today to start the renovating process. We’re more than willing to take your call and be the one you trust making your kitchen top-of-the-line! Feel free to contact us at (618) 509-9995 or visit our website here!