The Coolest Club in Town!

Are you a member of the coolest club in town? With help from the BELOMAN and the Discount Club Membership you will gain great benefits!  We all know how important it is to properly maintain your car to keep it running for its intended life cycle, but did you know it’s also important to maintain your heating and cooling system?  Any time you make a larger investment it’s a good rule of thumb to also have a maintenance plan in place to make sure your investment meets full expectations.

5 Reasons to Join BELOMAN’s Discount Club

  1. Extend the life of your furnace: Bi-annual tune-ups help to rid any gunk and ensure the system is running as efficiently as possible.  Proper maintenance is a definitely a good rule of thumb to follow to help prolong the life expectance.
  2. Give you peace of mind: You will gain peace of mind by having your furnace tuned-up making sure large issues aren’t on the verge of popping up.  When a BELOMAN technician leaves your home you can rest assure that your furnace is cleaned, tuned-up and you’ve received an explanation of its current status.  Our DCM members can also rest assure that they’ll receive priority service.  All Discount Club members are serviced before all other customers.
  3. Avoid costly repairs: No one wants to have a house full of friends and family on a cold night only to find out the furnace quit working!  By having your furnace regularly maintained the technician will be more apt to detect possible repairs before it turns into a costly repair!
  4. Ensure safety: When the technician is performing a 16-point inspection on your furnace he’ll also make sure it is operating safely and no harmful gaseous leaks are present.  Keeping your family safe is always a top priority!
  5. Discounts: Who doesn’t love a good discount?  When you join our Discount Club you’ll also receive discounts on parts, labor and service after normal business hours.

Quite simply the Discount Club Membership is the most economical and cost effective way to properly maintain your heating and cooling system.  If you’re looking to also include your plumbing and pest plan into one membership we can definitely help to meet your needs.  If Comfort Is Your Plan, Call the BELOMAN! As a company with hundreds of 5-star reviews you will be in great hands!