The little things can make all the difference

2013 is the 54th year that Bel-O has been serving the Metro East community. We are so thankful for all of our loyal customers who continue to do business with us over these years. As we look to continue our excellent service, we rely on your feedback as a measurement of our success.

“Tom installed my new toilet very quickly, and did an excellent job. He even cleaned up after the work was completed!”            – Chuck

It’s little sentiments like this that encourage our staff and keep us on the right path. This gentlemen called in just to express how happy he was for our service. He wanted to make sure this message made it to ‘higher ups.’ (which it sure did.)

I know that this week has been especially cold, and people have been calling in with many furnace related issues. Even if your furnace is working fine, are you still loosing heat? Take a look at the weather stripping on your doors. This may seem a little odd, but would you take your car through the wash if your sunroof didn’t have a proper seal? I didn’t think so. If this stripping is old, ripped, or falling off it is no good. The video below shows the procedure to remove and replace weather stripping from an exterior door. It’s the small things like this that will over time, create a more efficient warmer home for you and your family.

If you need help finding ways to increase the efficiency of your home, call us. We offer free home energy savings tips from our experienced technicians. The Beloman is here when you need him morning, noon, or night. If you have questions email us or find us on Twitter & Facebook.