The wonders of wireless.

I was doing some product research this morning and came across some great innovations in the thermostat market. Carrier has launched some great products that integrate wireless and touch screen technology to create a more practical and easier to use thermostat. Nest is taking this market by storm with their giving their product the ability to ‘learn’ your schedule and make changes in temperature according to it.

With the world changing in a more mobile way, its about time the HVAC industry started integrating. From personal experience I know that I never remember to change the temperature of my apartment before I leave for work. With the ability to control this via my phone or a wireless thermostat, I would be much more apt to change the temperature and save some money.

Here is a quick comparison between the two products:

Carrier Infinity Touch Control

  • 4-wire installation from each component in the system
  • Intuitive on-screen prompts for ease of installation and service
  • Complete integration of temperature, humidity, and ventilation in every season
  • Indoor air quality pop-up reminders
  • 7-day programmability with 2 or 4 periods per day
  • Touch-N-Go® feature for easy schedule override
  • Simplified vacation schedules
  • Intuitive Lifestyle-based programming for simplified ease of use
  • Programmable fan by period
  • General maintenance reminder messaging

Nest Thermostat:

  • 30 minute or less installation process
  • Ability to build schedules based on custom input of temperatures
  • Turns to an energy efficient mode while you are away
  • Additional mobile app to adjust settings via smartphone
  • Recorded energy history available for review

Both products are great values and will surely save you time and money. Belo is able to install most thermostats and we have ONE infinity left in stock. With the explosion of technology, these products are surely going to be flying off shelves in 2013. if you want to be part of our Google+ discussion on the innovations in the industry, find the community HERE. You can also find Belo at our website, Facebook, and Twitter.