Tips to Stay Cool and Save $$

Staying cool in the summer is crucial; however, many people make the mistake of not investing in the proper tips to keep their energy bill low.  At Bel-O Man we want to ensure that it is possible to keep your space cool AND save money.  Here’s a list of 10 tips that will quickly assist you, allow your AC unit to operate to its potential, and help you to save money in the long haul:

  1. Change your filters: One important tip in order to keep your AC running efficiently and save money on your energy bill is to change your filters. The period of time in which you should change your filter depends on your system, but every 1-3 months is generally a good rule of thumb!
  2. Shade your unit: In order to keep your unit running smoothly and to extend its lifespan, it’s a good idea to keep your unit shaded. Simple shrubbery or a small tree to block excess sun can work wonders.
  3. Invest in a programmable thermostat: In order to keep the temperature of your house regulated it’s a good idea to make this investment. A recent trend is the use of WiFi thermostats which allows you to adjust the temperature of your house from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Isn’t technology great?!
  4. Adjust your drying routine: Many may not know, but the heat in which escapes from you dryer machine can actually affect the temperature in your home and how hard your AC unit needs to work. A quick fix to this is to dry more of your clothes outside on a line just like the good ol’ days!
  5. Close your blinds: Keeping your blinds shut during hot peak times of the day can give your unit a bit of relief and help keep your house cool. At certain times of the day the sun can be at the perfect angle to enter your home and add unwanted heat. A simple act of closing the blinds will definitely make a difference.
  6. Replace your unit: When small minor changes aren’t doing the trick it very well could mean that it’s time for a new unit! Although replacing a unit may seem taxing, investing in a new unit will help you in the long run and definitely be worth it!
  7. Move furniture: One much less extreme option is simply moving your furniture or any object out of the way from cooling vents. Letting objects block the cooling vent will not allow air to properly enter your home leaving you with warmer indoor temperatures. A quick move of the furniture will alleviate this problem in no time and it’s free!
  8. Maximize air circulation: Another minor adjustment to make in order to leave your house feeling cooler is to factor in the ‘heat rises’ logic. Many people notice a temperature change among different levels in their house. For your upstairs floors simply add a fan or a way to allow air to properly circulate more effectively in order to keep your home cooler.
  9. Sealing cracks: Research shows that when you add up all of the leaks allowing air to escape in your house it comes close to the amount of air you’re losing if you were to keep a window open all year! One quick fix for this is to use caulk to seal any possible leakage.
  10. Annual checkups: Last, but certainly not least, it is very important to always schedule annual checkups to keep your unit functioning to its best potential. A quick call and technician visit can save you over the long haul. It helps keep your system current, safe, and clean!

Keeping these 10 tips in mind the next time you are experiencing AC issues will definitely come in handy!  At times it may be as simple as closing your blinds to allow your unit to function properly or it could even be a bigger decision of replacing your unit.  Whatever the case, if comfort is your plan call the Bel-O Man!

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