Top Reasons Why Your AC Is Leaking Water

Sparta, IL residents will testify that observing a water puddle around an HVAC system can be cause for alarm. Although the AC unit plays a critical role in helping regulate the humidity within the home, there shouldn’t be pooling water near your AC. If you notice water near the unit, it is vital that you shut down the AC system immediately and contact BELOMAN for a quick remedy. This action will avoid damage to your AC unit and prevent further complications. Here are possible causes for the problem.

Drain Line Disconnection

If you notice water pools on the floor near your AC or on the ceiling under your AC, it may be caused by a disconnected drain line. Prolonged use of the AC can cause a drain line disconnection because of continuous vibrations making the hose loose. However, this occurrence is rare unless a vigorous disturbance makes the drain line detach from its sockets. The common causes for a drain line disconnection are poor installation and improper repairs. It is necessary to call upon experts from BELOMAN to avoid damaging the drain line and to correct the installation problem.

Clogged Condensate Drain

A blockage in the condensate drain is a common reason for water leaks near AC units. The reason for it lies in how the HVAC system works. During the dehumidification process, the evaporator coils cool water vapor and direct the water to the condensate drain for removal. However, the drain can become clogged with dirt and debris. The dirt buildup blocks the usual pathway and reverses the water flow, making the water drip from the air conditioner.

Modern AC units have sensors that detect the anomaly and automatically inform homeowners about the problem. Whether you have an old or modern HVAC unit, contact BELOMAN for proper drain cleaning.

Damaged Drain Pan

The drain pan is strategically located below the evaporator coil to collect water from the condensation. The pan directs the water to the drain line, which directs the water outside. A damaged drain pan hinders water movement to the drain line, causing it to leak. It is a common occurrence for HVAC systems over 15 years of age. Using a water-resistant sealant can be a temporary solution. However, a replacement is the best way to correct the problem.

Low Refrigerant Volume

The refrigerant is the component that helps cool your home, as it absorbs heat from interior spaces. When the refrigerant level drastically reduces, the pressure within the AC unit also decreases. As a result, the temperature on the evaporator coil drops to a freezing point, forming ice. As the ice melts, it can cause water leaks near your AC.

The low refrigerant level is not an issue that anyone can correct. It requires professional expertise and experience to refill. BELOMAN has well-trained professionals to quickly resolve this problem.

Dirty Air Filters

It is good practice to change air filters at least once a month if you have pets or an allergy; otherwise, you need to do it once every 90 days. However, many residents of Sparta hardly keep a record of this crucial practice. Consequently, debris, pollen, and other pollutants get trapped, leading to airflow issues in the AC unit.

Poor ventilation causes the evaporator to freeze and condense excess moisture into ice. When the ice melts, it causes water to overflow on the drain pan, leading to leaks. It is easy to avoid such incidents by scheduling regular maintenance of your HVAC unit.

Incorrect Installation

With the rise of YouTube videos and DIY challenges, many people have found ways to try and fix things by themselves. However, HVAC installations are something to leave up to the professionals because any minimal error can result in problems such as water leaks, compromised home comfort, damage to the HVAC system, and high utility bills. Water leaks can occur because of disproportional drain pipes, errors in leveling the AC unit, or exposed drain pipes.

As a rule of thumb, never let an amateur perform an AC installation for you. Always contact BELOMAN for reliable and efficient installation services. Our experts have extensive training and experience and always adhere to proper guidelines for all types of installations.

Your Trusted HVAC Professionals

Routine maintenance is essential for you to continue enjoying optimal comfort from your HVAC unit. It will help you avoid most of the issues highlighted above. Our professionals at BELOMAN offer exceptional services to residents of Sparta. We handle a range of HVAC services, including installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance. Our team also provides indoor air quality and plumbing services. Contact BELOMAN now to schedule an appointment.