Trendy Faucets For Your Home

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Are you in the market for a new faucet or simply want to replace your current one for an updated look? The BEL-O Man is here to help!

When choosing a faucet there are several options to take into consideration!  From the overall style to the way the water streams from the faucet, there are plenty of options to ponder.  When it comes to different stream flows there are three main options depending on the location you want to use it in:

                Aerated vs. Spray vs. Laminar           

Aerated: this flow of faucet is the only one that mixes air into the water.  This type produces a larger and whiter stream while giving you a non-splash effect.  This is the most common type of stream for homes.
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Spray: spray styles are commonly found in public restrooms offering a full non-splashing coverage.  This type of stream reflects the stream of a shower head.B.57 2

Laminar: this style of water flow is crystal clear, a non-splashing option, and usually used in high flow applications and healthcare facilities.
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                         Finishing Trends                          

Oil rubbed finish for a rustic look: this type of faucet finish is huge right now! Rustic is definitely making waves in the home décor scene as of lately.
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Chrome for a Scandinavian style: if your home is currently following a Scandinavian style, a chrome finish could really set off your space!
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Nickel for a more elegant look: this type of finish is commonly found in powder rooms and has a more polished look.
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Chrome and nickel finishes are usually preferred if you want a smooth shiny look, while oil rubbed finishes are preferred if you’re looking to add texture to your space.

                                   Wrap Up                                 

Keeping up with trends can be fun!  Although they are constantly changing it’s still a good rule of thumb to keep your home modern and fresh.  If you plan on having groups of people over to your home, they’re sure to check out the style of your home…let them know that YOU know what’s in style.  Also, you never know when you may spontaneously decide to sell your home and need a fresh look to sell fast!  Check out our Pinterest page for all kinds of ideas!