Trick or Treat! Stay safe and warm

It’s already October…Where did the year go?  If feels like just a week or so ago we still were blasting air conditioning and eating ice cream to stay cool… oh wait, I think we may just have been doing that.  Anyway, it’s about time for your little ghouls and goblins to pick out their Halloween costume to trick or treat in.  The problem is, most Halloween costumes are made of fairly thin material or don’t cover skin completely, so your little ones are going to get cold if you live in an area that isn’t 70+ degrees all year round.  Being in the St. Louis area (Belleville/Metro East to be specific) we know that one Halloween it can be 90 degrees and the next it’ll be snowing.  Don’t laugh, it’s happened.  Because of this, you have to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature might throw at your family when all your children care about is candy and their super hero costume.  When children have their mind set on something there’s no changing it, so when your daughter says she wants to be a ballerina for Halloween, you’d better find ways to make her a WARM ballerina.

So, onward bound with some tips to keep your children warm (and we’ll throw in a safety tip or two, for a well-rounded post).

  • Buy their costume a size too big.  Make sure it isn’t too big that they’ll trip, but big enough to layer.  That way, you can layer a coat or sweater underneath and it won’t take away from the outfit.  Thermals are also great to layer with costumes, especially if you can find them in colors that coordinate.  Who knows, you may be able to reuse that costume next year for them, too!
  • Encourage your children to pick costumes that have warm layers built in.  Costumes that involve cloaks and capes are great because they go with the costume and keep your kids warm.  Even princesses can have fancy pink robes that’ll keep them toasty!
  • Invest in hand warmers.  You know the kind that are in little packets that fit right in the palm of your hand.  You can find them just about anywhere during the cooler months of the year for an inexpensive price.
  • Always carry a flashlight and let the kids wear glow stick bracelets or necklaces.  These brightly glowing accessories help your children be seen by passing cars.
  • Check their candy when you get home.  Anything opened or homemade from homes you don’t know should be tossed.  It’s mostly an old wive’s tale about people sticking razor blades in chocolate bars, but unfortunately there are some people out there who want to hurt others.
  • Do not let young children go alone.  If they’re feeling independent, stand at the bottom of the driveway as the child walks up to the door, but always keep an eye on them.  Better safe than sorry.

Can you think of anymore tips that we didn’t touch on?  Leave a comment below.

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