Unclog Your Sink in 5 Easy Steps

B.105 Unclog Sink in 5 Steps

If you’ve ever found yourself hurrying to get ready and out the door, but suddenly as you’re at the sink to wash your hands or brush your teeth, it decides to not drain–you know how big of a pain it can be!  To avoid that little porcelain bowl from ruining your day there are 5 easy step you can take to quickly unclog your sink!

1. Disconnect the sink stopper: The most common problem for sink clogs is due to gunk around the stopper.  In order to check this area out, you must first disconnect it.  Under the sink you’ll find a metal strip with holes in in that you’ll need to unscrew and pull the rod out of the pop-up assembly to disconnect it from the stopper.
2. Remove and clean the sink stopper
: After you can assure that the stopper is disconnected you can now lift the stopper out of the drain and clean away all of the gunk stuck to it.
3. Snake the drain: If you still see gunk down the drain once you’ve cleaned the stopper you may need to snake the drain.  This will help grab onto any obstructions in its path that is clogging the pathway for water to drain.
4. Reinstall the sink stopper: Once completing steps 1-3 you can now reinstall the sink stopper and check the flow of water down the drain.  If everything is properly draining you’re back in business!  If you’re still having issues with the sink draining, there’s another place to check…
5. Check the p-trap: The p-trap is the elbow part of the piping under your sink.  Place the bucket underneath it and unscrew the connectors holding it in place, dump the water and gunk from the elbow into the bucket and reattach it.
If steps 1-5 don’t go as planed you can always call the BELOMAN!  A trained and courteous plumber at BELOMAN can handle the job!

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