We’ve grown just a little more!


When one-man powerhouses decide to retire they leave a legacy behind.  In this case, it’s Dave Metzger, owner and one man army of Metzger Plumbing·Heating·Cooling, who ran his business out of Belleville, much like the Beloman does.  He didn’t want to leave his customers hanging with no one to turn to for their needs, so he searched to find a business to take over that held the same business beliefs that he did.  That is where we came in.  We have acquired his customer list and phone number, to help those out who have been using him for all of their heating, cooling and plumbing needs.  Dave had been in business for 38 years, a long time for a man doing everything himself.

This wasn’t a one sided endeavor by any means.  Dave and all of us at Beloman have been working together to get the word out of his retirement and make sure both parties were completely happy with how the announcements went out.  We’ve been waiting to announce this for awhile now, but wanted to wait until all of Dave’s customers were notified first so it wouldn’t come as a shock to them.  Many have called him to tell him they’ll miss him, but they all understand that sometimes a guy just wants to retire to Florida and relax.  This man definitely deserves it.