What are the Benefits of an AC Tune-Up?

Carrier AC Unit Tune Up

Now that the weather is warming up we’ll be on the borderline for enjoying opening the windows and turning the air conditioning on.  To ensure your unit is ready for the heat waves ahead it’s a good idea to have it tuned-up bi-annually.  You’ll gain peace of mind plus tons of other benefits with a spring tune-up!  Three of the most popular benefits are:

Increased equipment life: a proper cleaning can cause parts internally to avoid wearing out faster.  Just like you regularly change your vehicle’s oil to maintain the life of the motor the same applies to maintenance for your AC unit.

Better efficiency: when the technician checks your unit they’ll check refrigerant levels and make sure your unit is operating to its full potential.  If your unit is bogged down it will be caused to run harder and be less efficient.

Save you money in the long run: during the spring tune-up the technician will be able to inspect the unit with a trained eye to keep a look out for repairs in the beginning phases to avoid costly repairs in the long run.

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