What Do These Funny HVAC Sounds Mean?

B.55 Funny HVAC Sounds

Are you experiencing funny sounds coming from your air conditioner or furnace? When it comes to odd sounds coming from your system these sounds can definitely be alarming.  Although some sounds may be a teaser, there are still some sounds that can become troubling to your system.  We’ve come up with a list of common sounds that may escape your HVAC system and what they may be caused by:

Rattling: rattling sounds often indicate there is something that has been loosened and trapped.  Items such as sticks and pebbles can become lodged in your outside unit causing funny sounds.
Metal Clanking: hearing metal clanking is often a good indicator of loose parts or pipes.  When everything is bolted and secure there won’t be any loose parts to rattle against each other; however, when a part comes loose it can hit against another area causing an odd clanking sound.
Bubbling: odd sounds similar to bubbling could be a good sign of air trapped in the refrigerant line.
Thumping at startup/shutdown: thumping at start up or shutdown usually indicates a worn belt.  Call your local and trusted HVAC company if you believe this is the problem you’re facing.  It could be a quick fix covered under warranty!
Hissing: in most cases hearing hissing come from your system is a good sign that air is escaping when it shouldn’t be.  Schedule a technician to do a leak search for better insight.
Popping: funny popping noises coming from your system could possibly be metal contracting & expanding.  Hearing this sound can definitely be alarming but may not mean anything serious—call your trusted HVAC company to come check it out!

Are you hearing some of these odd sounds and not sure how to approach it? Always remember, for as big of an investment that the air and heat is to your home, it’s always best to call a qualified and knowledgeable technician to check out the problem first.  “If Comfort Is Your Plan, Call The BELOMAN!” (618) BEL-OMAN or visit our website here.

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