What does it mean to be a sales & service company in 2013?

When you hear a company ending with ‘sales & service,’ what is your initial reaction. Are you turned away by thinking that calling them will lead to high pressure conversations insisting that you buy today? The expression is rather old and makes me think of the the movie Tommy Boy. A family run company that is based on old school values. This movie is actually a great comparison for the two differing views. Lets compare, why not?

Sales & Service (from David Spade’s P.O.V)

There were a few key differences that set this character apart. He was high pressure, formal, and only looking to do business. His motives were not aligned with the task at hand only leaving him see the short term benefits of closing a deal. He did want the company to succeed, but didn’t have the right characteristics to build relationships in the industry. 

 “I’ve never used them before. I called them as they are a Carrier dealer. That being said, I will be using them again as they appear to be honest, fast, and professional.” -Actual Bel-O Customer from Maryville

Sales & Service (from Chris Farley’s P.O.V.)

He may not have been  well versed or the most knowledgeable on products, but he was able to build a relationship that would eventually lead to business. He kept his spirits high and while after failing multiple times, was able to succeed in saving the business. 

Bel-O takes pride in knowing that we have such a high customer retention rate because we treat our customers with respect and build their trust. We value each and every service call because having your furnace quit is definitely going to ruin your day. We are a sales company, yes. We try and find the product that fits your needs best while being mindful of any parameters our customers set. Ultimately we are a service company with the customers interest at the forefront. 

If you are wary of hiring a contractor or HVAC company to do repairs, check with your friends and family for recommendations. The internet also provides great reviews on almost all companies. It’s much easier to weed out the fly by night company with actual reviews of their work. 

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