What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

Have you seen various companies advertising alarmingly low duct cleaning services? While these low prices may catch your eye please beware of numerous scams circulating.  When it comes to picking the right company for your duct cleaning you should always do your research.  If a company schedules you for the service without visiting your home to properly inspect your ductwork with a special camera first you should be leery of their sincerity.  All in all, duct cleaning services are important and should be performed by an IAQ expert that specializes in this kind of work.

Your Ducts May Need Cleaned If You Have…

-Pets with excess dander and hair loss are present

-Unexplained allergy-related illnesses have been affecting your family members

-Mold is visible on registers

-Recent home renovations have been completed

What Are The Benefits Of Clean Ducts….

-Improve indoor air quality. Your HVAC system is the lungs of the home taking air in an out.  If contaminants clog up your ductwork it can get in your system and clog free air movement spaces.  By having clean ductwork you’ll help keep your home’s lungs cleaned!

-Increase energy savings. When dust and debris begins to clog your ductwork these contaminants can cause the system to work harder which ultimately shortens its lifespan and uses more energy for it to operate.  By having your ductwork cleaned you can rule it out of the equation of things halting your energy savings.

While it is a good idea to have your ductwork examined for cleanliness and help keep energy costs down, it is also important to have a bi-annual tune-up service performed to better assist.

What Happens During A Duct Cleaning…

When an IAQ expert visits your home for your duct cleaning he or she will be very knowledgeable and will be specialized in duct cleanings.  At the time of the duct cleaning access areas will be opened to allow the entire system to be cleaned.  A special vehicle equipped with vacuum equipment will help to rid particles outside of the house and into the truck’s vacuuming system. This special vacuuming equipment will ensure dust and debris is no longer lodged in the ductwork. After all areas have been cleaned your area will be left spotless and free of dust!

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