What Unusual Sounds Mean for Your HVAC System

Our HVAC equipment can make a variety of noises, and each sound has its own meaning. There are several you simply don’t want to hear coming from your system. If you encounter them, you may need to consider repairs to fix the problem. The noise will give you a clue about the issue your HVAC system is experiencing. One of our technicians can help you understand the reason behind it and identify the source.


Rattling indicates there is loose debris in your system. There may be some damage to the AC and heating equipment, and you may want to take some steps to rectify the problem. If there are large pieces of debris inside, you might also hear a scraping noise.

Frequent Clicking

During cold weather, your system might make some clicking noises when you turn it on. If you continue to hear clicks, there is a problem you need to address. The location of the clicking sounds can help you understand the damage. When you hear clicks coming from the control panel, for example, there is a disruption in the system relay.


Thumping sounds indicate an issue with the HVAC system’s blower assembly. These noises are a problem you shouldn’t ignore. You should turn off your system to avoid any further damage and contact a technician to learn more about the underlying cause. You may also hear clanking noises from the blower assembly.


When you hear a light screeching noise, it is an indication that a belt or motor bearing is about to break. Contact a professional to fix the problem for you.


A buzzing sound suggests there is too much vibration in your air conditioner or heat pump. When you hear this sound, check your system for disconnected components. If the buzz continues, you’ll need the assistance of a professional technician. You might need a replacement part for the system.

If any of these noises seem familiar to you, contact BELOMAN in Belleville to learn more about the associated problems. We’ll schedule an appointment at your convenience.