Who? What? When? Where? Why? Water Heater Maintenance

Who? What? When? Where? Why? Are these all of the questions you have when it comes to flushing your water heater? Sure you may have heard of the importance of regular maintenance for larger investments, but do you still question why and what would happen if you don’t?  BELOMAN is here to help put you at ease!

What happens?: When a plumber visits your home to service your water heater a hose will be attached to the tank so that it’s drained into a drain to then be filled back up. By draining the tank sediment and build up is cleared up to allow your tank to continue to operate efficiently.

Why Should I? Do I need to?: With all large investments we make in our life such as our cars and HVAC systems, your water heater should also be maintained to prolong it’s lifespan. Flushing your water heater will allow for built up sediment to be flushed from the tank.  Buildup inside the tank will make it work harder to heat the desired amount of water for your family making the whole operation less efficient. It’s always a good idea to properly maintain larger investments in your life to make sure you’re receiving the best potential in bang for your buck.

How often?: Most manufacturers recommend to flush your tank once a year; however it could come down to your geographical location and how clean the water is.  Another factor that will come into play is  or if you’re dealing with a hard water.

What if I don’t?: If you end up deciding that you do not want to flush your water heater, there are a few things you may run into down the road.  One being decreased energy efficiency complications from built up sediment inside. Too much build up can even cause the tank to completely stop working.  Aside from energy snags, an unflushed tank over the years can cause water pressure to decrease or pipes to burst.

Downsides?:  None!  At times so much build up sediment will block an unknown leak and when the tank is flushed of sediment you’ll be able to track down the leak and fix it properly now that the buildup is removed.

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