Why Do The Temps Fluctuate Between Rooms?

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Have you ever wondered why one room in your home is much warmer or cooler than other areas of your home? It turns out, there are various reasons why air temperatures fluctuate between rooms.  Some of the reasons are more obvious than others.  In order to determine the reasoning behind your home’s specific situation it’s important to consider possible causes.

Drafty Windows/Doors: Even if your doors and windows are closed, this should be one of the first places to check out when experiencing fluctuating temperatures throughout your home. The slightest gap in a seal could allow outside air to enter your living space.

Insulation: If your home is not properly insulated it could be a culprit of fluctuating temperatures. Insulation does loose it’s functionality over time and should be dealt with by a professional.

Blocked Interior Vents: Another culprit of temperatures fluctuating between rooms deals with blocked interior vents. Placing furniture in front of a vent or a rug over a floor vent can block proper air flow.  It’s important to properly place furniture in your room to all air flow to successfully enter your living space.

Faulty Dampeners: An important component in order to ensure proper air flow throughout your home is the dampers. Dampers should be balanced so that each room heats and cools evenly. If there is any unbalancing going on then too much cold or hot air can be pushed into one room and not enough in another. These components are intended to help keep every space in your home at the desired temperature set by your thermostat.

Defective Chimney Flue: Always be sure your flue is closed after the fire in your fireplace has been extinguished. Leaving your flue open will result in unwanted outside air entering your home and affect the inside temperature.

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