Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling My House?

The Midwest heat blazes in the summer. It’s the right time to keep up with your AC tune-ups and maintenance. However, sometimes there are unexpected issues, and it can become challenging to figure out the root of the problem. Luckily, BELOMAN is here to help you regain the comfort in your home.

It’s unfortunate when your AC suddenly stops cooling the way it’s expected to cool. Because cooling is one of your system’s primary functions, there could be several causes. Those causes could also have stemmed from an issue in another area. Here are the most common reasons that your AC isn’t cooling your home anymore.


It’s possible your system’s refrigerant levels are low. Although low refrigerant could have been an issue created during the installation phase, it’s also more likely you have a leak. Because your refrigerant is responsible for cooling your system, it’s essential that you contact a specialist to deal with the issue.

Duct leaks are just as much of a serious issue. Rodents and insects can cause damage to your ducts that will allow air to escape prematurely. When this happens, your energy efficiency becomes lower, and it becomes harder for your air conditioner to cool your home.

Thermostat Issues

Your thermostat’s job is to register the temperature to meet the settings you programmed. If this part is faulty, then your AC likely isn’t performing properly. Not only could a broken thermostat make your home warmer, but it could also make it unnecessarily cold, wasting energy to meet a degree that isn’t attainable.

Sometimes a thermostat issue is a cause for replacement, but there are other things you could try first. For example, replacing the batteries or hard restarting them could also fix this problem. In other cases, some people forget to change their settings. Have a specialist assist you in making sure your settings are correctly set and possibly guide you in a much-needed replacement.

Compressor Failure

A broken or malfunctioning compressor means that the heart of the entire system isn’t functioning. The compressor circulates the refrigerant through your system, so if your indoor unit isn’t cooling itself, it’ll become harder to cool your home.

It can become hard to tell what the main issue with a compressor is from it simply not working. Have a trained expert inspect your compressor, and that professional will either replace the parts or will help you in replacing the entire device.

Clogged Filters

One of the simplest fixes for your problem is for filters that are clogged. If you haven’t cleaned or replaced them in a while, this is probably the case. The responsibility of the filters is to trap particles that would otherwise circulate through your home. That means that naturally, they get dirty and clog up sometimes.

Dirt, dust, pollen, and pet hair cling to these filters and usually stay there until someone removes these particles. If the filters go too long without cleaning, the clogs will reduce the efficiency of your system and will restrict air from coming through your air conditioner. Filters require a change every three months or even more frequently for those with pets.

Heat Sources

Your thermostat measures the temperature in the room and then adjusts it according to your settings. If you have other electronic appliances near your thermostat, it could create a heat source that confuses the thermometer. Electronics like TVs, lamps, and computers could possibly be the source of your home not becoming as cool as you would like.

The sun is also another heat source that could affect your thermostat. If your home is not cooling and if you have windows that allow the sun to shine directly on your air conditioner, consider closing the blinds. If the problem continues, try removing any other possible electronics that could affect your thermostat.

Lack of Maintenance

If it’s been a while since your last maintenance or tune-up appointment, then the solution to your problems could lie there. Neglecting to have a trained professional regularly inspect your air conditioning system allows minor issues to build up and create larger ones. Most of the problems mentioned above could have been avoided in the early phases by a routine check-up. At the least, your AC should have a tune-up twice a year.

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