Why Should I Invest in a Humidifier?

humidifier pic

Humidifier: a device for keeping the atmosphere moist in a room. Keeping tabs on the humidity levels is important…especially in the colder months! Of course there is always the option to purchase portable room humidifiers, but we’re here to tell you that whole-home humidification is the way to go! There are tons and tons of benefits!

What Is A Humidifier?

Whole home humidifiers are installed directly to your home’s central heating and cooling system to provide whole-home comfort. Its purpose is to add moisture and deliver it throughout your air duct system.  The level of humidity is monitored and controlled by your thermostat to ensure an even level of moisture is released into your home all year long.

Why Should I Invest in a Humidifier?

    1. To improve the health of your family: in the winter months this is especially important since several diseases thrive in low humidity environments.
    2. To help with dry skin and dry sinuses: adding moisture to the air in your home helps alleviate cracked skin and helps with troublesome sinus issues.
    3. To protect hardwood floors: did you know that many warranty claims recommend certain levels of humidity to be in your home in order to prevent cracks from forming? It’s true! Whole-home humidifiers definitely help as coverage to keep up with your flooring’s warranty standards.
    4. To cover the whole house rather than single rooms: why spend money to control the humidity in several different rooms when you can invest in a humidifier and control humidity levels throughout your whole home?!
    5. To save money on your energy bill: adding a humidifier can help you feel warmer at lower temperatures. Setting your thermostat lower means less energy used and also means more cash in the ol’ wallet for you!
    6. To decrease static electricity: winter months are notorious for static electricity problems. Adding a humidifier will cause you to become shocked less often and help keep certain materials from clinging.
    7. To help keep mold from forming in your home: it prevents mold and mildew from forming?! Sign us up!

These are just 7 benefits from a long list of reasons why investing in a whole-home humidifier is a good idea! If you have any additional questions or would like to inquire about adding this great accessory to your home give the BELOMAN a call. (618) 509-9995