5 Reasons Why You Should Have an AC Tune-Up Before Summer

The months before summer offer a good opportunity to prepare your air conditioner for the tough work ahead. You don’t have to wait until temperatures rise only to realize your AC has an issue and scramble to request emergency service. Having your cooling system inspected by a technician early enough will ensure it’s in good condition to keep you and your loved ones in constant comfort through the hot days. Let’s go into more detail on why you should have an AC tune-up before the summer starts.

1. Take Advantage of Scheduling Availability

Once the hot months set in, many technicians will be busy responding to customers’ calls for different AC services. As a result, you’ll most likely experience a delay before receiving the service you desire. Don’t risk discomfort in scorching temperatures. Plan ahead.

You can avoid inconveniences by reserving an AC tune-up early enough before the summer months arrive. At this time, technicians are readily available to do a thorough checkup on your unit, and they have ample time to make any part replacements if necessary. At this time of year, you can get an appointment that suits your busy life.

2. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioner has probably been sitting idle since the previous summer season. Dust and other pollutants can accumulate in the unit. Without a proper AC tune-up, these particles could circulate in your house as the unit operates. Breathing in these contaminants negatively impacts your family’s health.

You can improve the indoor air quality in your living space by scheduling maintenance for your cooling unit in the spring. A professional can change the air filters and clean out all the dust particles from the system. An AC tune-up also helps eliminate potential bacteria and mold risks that could contribute to poor IAQ.

3. Maintain Your Warranty

Most AC brands on the market come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but your warranty will only remain valid if your equipment receives regular maintenance from a professional. If you skip routine tune-ups or perform the service yourself, you can’t take advantage of the incentives under the warranty agreement.

Therefore, investing in AC maintenance early enough is worth every penny. If anything goes wrong with your unit during the summer, the manufacturer will cover the cost of repairs. You only need to provide documentation that your AC received proper care.

4. Reduce Risks of a Breakdown

Like any other mechanical appliance, your AC can stop working when you least expect it. Although cooling units can last many years, continuous wear and tear on individual parts can lead to a sudden system malfunction. The chances of a breakdown are much higher during the hot months when the appliance is under severe stress.

AC tune-up during springtime lowers the chances of breakdown once temperatures are at their highest. A qualified technician will assess every part of your unit and alleviate any potential issues. This includes lubricating the moving parts, calibrating the thermostat, tightening electrical connections, and more. Professional care also helps to uncover any hidden problems that can cause a breakdown in the middle of a heat wave.

5. Increase Efficiency

You probably have your air conditioning unit constantly running in the summer to keep your indoor space cool. You’ll notice a significant increase in energy consumption if your system isn’t operating at peak efficiency. Your cooling equipment can lose efficiency when dust, debris, and other contaminants accumulate in the unit or a leak occurs.

Having your AC inspected before the summer will help improve its efficiency. A technician will clean your system and ensure all components are in good condition. A well-maintained air conditioner requires less energy, which saves you money. It’s also better for the environment.

Get AC Maintenance From the Experts

Preventative maintenance is crucial to keeping your air conditioner in tip-top shape. Therefore, don’t wait until the summer arrives to start calling a technician to inspect your unit. Instead, schedule a tune-up early enough to prepare your AC for the hard work ahead. Doing so will maximize your IAQ, lower the risks of a breakdown, improve the unit’s efficiency, and maintain your warranty.

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