World Plumbing Day 2013!

Bust out the champagne and celebrate! Today (March 11) is World Plumbing Day! This day was brought about by the World Plumbing Council to bring back attention to the importance of plumbing and how it affects everyday life.

Safe & accessible drinking water is still not available to nearly 1.1 billion people according to the video posted on the site for World Plumbing Day. They are trying to raise awareness so that we can give respect to and find new ways to bring safe plumbing to everyone. Read some of the articles they have posted and you could be surprised at the facts and figures shown. It’s easy to take plumbing for granted.

Check out their website for more information on their cause and how you can help.

Take time and thank a plumber today for their hard work. 

Are you in need of a plumber, but not sure who to call? Below are three reasons why you should always choose a licensed plumber instead on your friend down the road.

-New advances are made all the time in the HVAC/ plumbing industry. Your licensed plumbers will be using the most effective means to fix your problem. 

– A Hammer and duct tape does not fix every problem. Licensed plumbers will have access to all the tools and equipment required for their position. Their company or the plumber themselves understands the differences in tools and what their specific purpose is for. 

– Worry free work. Generally most companies will offer a guarantee of work or parts. Ask the company/ plumber that you’ve hired what they offer and do comparisons from there. 

If you have additional questions on plumbing or HVAC services, contact Bel-O to get the answers! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest! Have a great week everyone.