You can’t avoid change, sometimes.

I hope that everyone is enjoying their Monday. With the holidays winding down and vacations ending, surely its time you can start getting back to your daily routines. This week we will be discussing the changes that the Department of Energy have passed into law.

2013 Federal Furnace Efficiency Law:

What: This law makes it illegal to sell or install furnace units that do not meet or exceed 90% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency).

When: Law goes into effect May 1, 2013

Where: The Northern Region of the United States. Click this map for an accurate state by state description.

Whats the big deal: We support efforts to increase recycling and energy efficiency that will generate positive long term effects. With the transition from 80% AFUE to 90%, the large difference is the way the system needs to be installed. With older, less efficient models, steel flues and duct work were able to transport the circulating air throughout your residence. With the 90% furnaces, water vapor is discharged which will then rust the steel duct work. Plastic PVC piping is the recommended product to correct this problem. However, it means re installing all the duct work. I cannot give exact increases via blog but you can always call for an estimate. These higher efficiency furnaces are not brand new. there are even 98% AFUE furnaces on the market.

We know that it is a tough economy, and the looming fiscal cliff continues to hold the economy down, but we wanted to be sure that our customers were aware of the changes taking place.

What are your thoughts on the changes in efficiency standards? Are they worth short term woes to get long term results? Leave a comment, or send a message.