Air Quality Testing in Fairview Heights, IL If you need air quality testing performed in Fairview Heights, IL, don’t look further than the services offered by BELOMAN. Dirty indoor air can make your home an unpleasant and unsafe place to spend time. Particulates, chemical vapors, mold, bacteria, and viruses can all circulate in the air in a house. When inhaled, they can lead to sickness. Poor indoor air quality has been linked with itchy eyes, difficulty breathing, and an array of other health issues. Keeping the air in your home as clean as possible is important for all of its inhabitants.

    A properly sized air cleaning system can remove a large percentage of air contaminants. Air scrubbers, filters, and purifiers are all highly effective. You can get a whole-house system or individual units for rooms in your home. UV lights can be used to deactivate bacteria, mold, and viruses. An expert in the field can help you determine the best system for your needs.

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    Homes that are built to be highly energy efficient can be prone to air quality issues. They’re designed to be highly airtight, and the lack of fresh air can cause high levels of pollutants to build up. This can be especially bad during times of the year when you have to keep windows and doors closed.

    Indoor air pollutants can come from a variety of sources:
    • Pets
    • Cooling
    • Outdoor sources
    • Cleaning supplies

    Having our skilled technicians install your air cleaning system can ensure that everything gets done right. They’ll be able to get your new system running as effectively as possible.

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    Indoor Air Quality in Fairview Heights, IL At BELOMAN, we want people living in Fairview Heights to have clean air in their homes. Our family-owned and -operated company is dedicated to exceeding expectations with everything we do. We’ve been serving the area since 1959, and our technicians stay current with the industry.

    To keep our services accessible, we charge reasonable rates for parts and labor. We’re proud to offer discounts to seniors and members of the military. Flexible financing options are offered on approved credit for installation jobs. With more than 1,250 years of combined experience, our technicians can make any job go smoothly. We’ll always have your best interests in mind.

    With an office located off of Cool Sports Road in Belleville, we’re ready to take on jobs anywhere in the area, even heating and cooling services. We’ll arrive at our appointments punctually and have everything needed for the job. You can rely on us to give every step of the process our full attention.

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