How Often Should You Change Your Humidifier Pad?

Updated 2/27/2024

Unlike portable humidifiers, whole house ones need less maintenance. However, the merit comes with a condition; much like your HVAC unit needs routine filter changes, humidifier pads must frequently be changed for the unit to function optimally. In this post, we’ll elaborate on humidifier pads, their role, and maintenance and how often to replace them in Belleville, IL.

What is a Humidifier Pad?

A water panel or a humidifier pad is a medium in which your home air collects moisture to increase the humidity inside during the hot season. When indoor humidity is low, water flows to the pad and air gathered blown over to distribute the water inform of moisture.

Why change a humidifier pad?

newly installed humidifier The water used on the pad comes from tap water used in your home. Scientifically, tap water contains certain minerals that accumulate on the humidifier over a specified period. The accumulation reduces the effectiveness of the humidifier.

More reasons to replace your humidifier pad:
  • Maximize its performance
  • Keep it from smelling due to mold growths
  • Removes cellulose coating that holds water meant for dispersion
  • Reduces the chances of humidifier leakage

How often should you change the humidifier pad?

Most manufacturers recommend changing the pads at least once a year. However, other factors may necessitate more frequent changes. They include:

  • During winter when they are used continuously, they get worn out faster than when they are not used frequently.
  • If you have a high degree of water hardness, salt accumulation is high, and efficiency is significantly reduced
  • When monthly check up necessitates a change of humidifier pads

What problems arise if not changed?

New humidifier pads significantly improve indoor air quality. Failure to change them may result in the following problems:

  • Clogging of humidifier drainage
  • No moisture in indoor air
  • Increased growth of bacteria and mold which contaminates indoor air
  • Reduced HVAC system efficiency
  • Dry skin due to increased static charges

How to Change Humidifier Pad

If you want to change your humidifier pad, contact BELOMAN in Belleville, IL. We offer cutting-edge air conditioning, plumbing, heating and indoor air quality solutions.