Indoor Air Quality in Freeburg, IL BELOMAN is the premier indoor air quality team here in Freeburg, IL. Despite popular misconceptions, pollution is often higher inside the home than in the outdoors. Pollen, pet dander, formaldehyde and pesticides are some of the pollutants present in many residences today. We can provide dependable home air cleaner solutions in Freeburg. Our business is in Belleville on Cool Sports Road near Town Hall Archery, and we serve clients throughout the general area.

    Even humidity alone is a critical variable that impacts indoor comfort. When the air is humid, the body’s ability to cool is compromised. Turning up your air conditioner hardly eliminates the discomfort. On the other hand, low levels of humidity will cause skin and eye irritation. A humidifier may be all you need to make your home more comfortable. HVAC units today employ technologies such as a variable air volume (VAV) system. This coordinates the flow of indoor and outdoor air to manage humidity. Consider consulting an experienced professional for the best results.

    Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Freeburg

    The location and design of a building as well as the climate it’s in are some of the factors that can contribute to indoor air pollution. Contaminants can be drawn from outside the structure or originate from the interior. Determining the source is crucial before addressing the problem.

    Inside your home, dust and dirt in your ductwork will impact indoor health and comfort. Your HVAC system may also be inefficient and incapable of eliminating moisture. As a result, biological contaminants can spread throughout the house.

    Indoor air pollution is a concern, particularly for people who are vulnerable to allergens. There are various people who are much more susceptible:

    • Patients undergoing certain medical treatments
    • Those who have a respiratory disease
    • Anyone who suffers from allergies
    • People who wear contact lenses
    • Asthmatics

    Some items in your home could also be emitting toxic gases such as volatile organic compounds and ozone. Printer toners, deodorizers, solvents and elevator motors are a few of the possible sources.

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