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How healthy is your indoor air?

The EPA lists poor indoor air quality as the fourth largest environmental threat to our country. It’s a scary thought that the air you are breathing inside your home can be so dirty.  Most of our time is spent indoors whether it’s at home, work or out shopping.  When a home has dirty air, those who have allergies and asthma suffer daily.  A typical six room home can accumulate 40 pounds or more of dust every year just from living in it and doing normal day to day activities.  There are a few things you can do to help keep your
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Go Green by saving some green!

Air conditioning season is upon us and  we have all heard the horror stories of people being charged hundreds per month to keep cool. There are ways to reduce your utility costs while maintaining a comfortable lifestyle. Incorporate these ideas and see what you can save. We would love to hear any stories you have. –Unplug all electronics that are not in use. ‘Vampire Power’ occurs when devices continue to use electricity even while powered off or are in hibernation mode. Microwaves, DVD Players, and laptop chargers are all offenders. If you take an inventory of all your outlets, you would be surprised to find how
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You can’t avoid change, sometimes.

I hope that everyone is enjoying their Monday. With the holidays winding down and vacations ending, surely its time you can start getting back to your daily routines. This week we will be discussing the changes that the Department of Energy have passed into law. 2013 Federal Furnace Efficiency Law: What: This law makes it illegal to sell or install furnace units that do not meet or exceed 90% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). When: Law goes into effect May 1, 2013 Where: The Northern Region of the United States. Click this map for an accurate state by state description. Whats the big
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